Scientific American Magazine Vol 329 Issue 4

Scientific American

Volume 329, Issue 4

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Can We Save Every Species from Extinction?

The Endangered Species Act requires that every U.S. plant and animal be saved from extinction, but after 50 years, we have to do much more to prevent a biodiversity crisis

The Theory That Men Evolved to Hunt and Women Evolved to Gather Is Wrong

The influential idea that in the past men were hunters and women were not isn’t supported by the available evidence

Grammar Changes How We See, an Australian Language Shows

An Aboriginal language provides unexpected insight into how language influences perception

The Evolutionary Reasons We Are Drawn to Horror Movies and Haunted Houses

Scary play lets people—and other animals—rehearse coping skills for disturbing challenges in the real world

How New Advances in Organ Transplants Are Saving Lives

Advances are increasing the supply of organs. But this isn’t enough. Enter the genetically modified donor pig

What It Takes to Grow Crystals in Space

Researcher Debbie G. Senesky builds materials that can work on Venus


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