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Science and Practice of Ecology & Society Award

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How to Nominate

Who can be nominated?

A person or organization that has succeeded in translating transdisciplinary science theory into practice.

Who nominates?

Any academic scholar or group of academic scholars can nominate a person or organization. An accompanying letter will argue why this person or organization is an exemplary example of the interface of practice and science in the domain of ecology and society. Self-nominations are not accepted.

How do I nominate someone?

There are no application forms. Nominators need to provide a convincing letter. A convincing letter describes how the nominated practitioners brought transdisciplinary science into practice. Such a letter might be a few pages long, but not more. When the potential winner is selected, the nominator is asked to write an essay.

Where to submit nominations?

The deadline for nominations falls annually on July 1st. Nomination letters can be sent, electronically to:

Dr. Marco Janssen

Email: marco.janssen@asu.edu