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2014   People and pixels in the Sahel: a study linking coarse-resolution remote sensing observations to land users' perceptions of their changing environment in Senegal

Herrmann, S. M., I. Sall, and O. Sy

Ecology and Society 19(3): 29.

2013   Framing sustainability in a telecoupled world

Liu, J., V. Hull, M. Batistella, R. DeFries, T. Dietz, F. Fu, T. W. Hertel, R. C. Izaurralde, E. F. Lambin, S. Li, L. A. Martinelli, W. J. McConnell, E. F. Moran, R. Naylor, Z. Ouyang, K. R. Polenske, A. Reenberg, G. de Miranda Rocha, C. S. Simmons, P. H. Verburg, P. M. Vitousek, F. Zhang, and C. Zhu.

Ecology and Society 18(2): 26.

2012   Suitability of local resource management practices based on supernatural enforcement mechanisms in the local social-cultural context

Masatoshi Sasaoka and Yves Laumonier

Ecology and Society 17(4): 6.

2011   Rebuilding  resilience in the Sahel: regreening in the Maradi and Zinder regions  of Niger

Jan Sendzimir, Chris P. Reij, and Piotr Magnuszewski

Ecology and Society 16(3):1.

2010   Robustness, vulnerability, and adaptive capacity in small-scale social-ecological systems: the Pumpa Irrigation system in Nepal

Cifdaloz, O., A. Regmi, J. M. Anderies and A. A. Rodriguez

Ecology and Society 15(3): 39.

2009   Evaluating functional fit between a set of institutions and an ecosystem

Julia A. Ekstrom and Oran R. Young

Ecology and Society 14(2): 16.

2008   From invisibility to transparency: identifying the implications

Nancy J. Turner, Robin Gregory, Cheryl Brooks, Lee Failing, and Terre Satterfield

Ecology and Society 13(2): 7.

2007   Expert and generalist local knowledge about land-cover change on South Africa’s Wild Coast: can local ecological knowledge add value to science?

Nigel Chalmers and Christo Fabricius

Ecology and Society 12(1): 10.

2006   Companion modeling, conflict resolution, and institution building: sharing irrigation water in the Lingmuteychu Watershed, Bhutan

Tayan R. Gurung, François Bousquet and Guy Trébuil

Ecology and Society 11(2): 36.

2005   Understanding the Stability of Forest Reserve Boundaries in the West Mengo Region of Uganda

Nathan Voght, Abwoli Babana, William Gombya-Ssembajjwe and Joseph Bahati

Ecology and Society 11(1): 38.

2004   Emergence unites ecology and society

Ronald L. Trosper

Ecology and Society 10(1): 14.

Best Transdisciplinary Paper in Ecology & Society Award

Past Winners

Also known as the Ralf Yorque Memorial Award.

The best paper award recognizes novel ways of performing integrative science and policy research. A prize of 500 Euro and a place on the main index page of the journal will be awarded to the author(s) of the most novel paper that integrates different streams of science to assess fundamental questions in the ecological, political, and social foundations for sustainable social-ecological systems. 

All papers published during a year in Ecology and Society will be considered for the award. The (associate) editors-in-chief of Ecology and Society compile a short list of about 10 papers after which the board of editors is invited to vote for their top 3.

Winner 2015

The thrill of the chase: uncovering illegal sport hunting in Brazil through YouTube™ posts

El Bizri, H. R., T. Q. Morcatty, J. J. S. Lima, and J. Valsecchi

Ecology and Society 20(3):30.