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Our Mission

Founded in 2000, the Foundation for Scientific Symbiosis aims to support innovative transdisciplinary scientific research and its applications to enhance sustainable development. To reach these goals the Foundation will support awards and communicate the outcomes to a broader public.

Insights from different scientific disciplines alone will not allow us find solutions for sustainable development. A transdisciplinary approach is needed where not only scientists of different disciplines work together, but also that scientists are transdisciplinary themselves. Furthermore, science alone is not sufficient and collaboration with practitioners is needed.

In collaboration with the international journal Ecology and Society we organize each year two awards.

1. The Best Paper of Ecology and Society Award is given to the most innovative transdisciplinary publication in Ecology and Society published during the previous year, as elected by the board of editors of the journal.

2. The Science and Practice of Ecology and Society Award is intended for exemplar practitioners using transdisciplinary science in practice.

We support innovative transdisciplinary research and practices in ecology and society around the world.

What we care about

What we do

Annual Reports

Here we provide annual financial reports according to Dutch law for Public Benefit Organizations (these reports are in Dutch and in Euros):

Annual Report 2018

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